News from CRS from Governor Brown. He is a piece of work! Mike Durant President  PORAC 8009376722 Toll Free 9169283777 Office ————————————————————————- From: Michael Cavallero <mcavallero@sbcglobal.net> FYI…Governor Brown knows he can never ask us for anything ever again.  Looks like he has burned his last bridge with PORAC and the other LE associations in the state. His timing
Christmas is almost here…And your K9 Unit has something new this year for that special someone! We have three different K9’s available for purchase… From left to right, we have the German Shepherd, the Malinois and the all black Malinois   Each K9 has a custom embroidered vest with our Fresno Police Department Patch…  
Did you hear about the disturbing event that happened yesterday? On a sidewalk, just outside a convenient store, two men in a large vehicle, wearing white uniforms … http://lawofficer.com/laws/the-obstruction-of-the-police-officer/
October 25, 2017 RLS managing principal Harry Stern and highly-regarded appellate attorney Dylan Schaffer combined to deliver a significant victory for San Francisco Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Lewelling. In so doing, they also prevented an attempt to greatly expand criminal liability for peace officers. California Penal Code section 149 (assault under color of authority) has been on the books since